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[FREE] Bricks Calculator For A Wall

Bricks Calculator is a tool / device that is used to allow you to count the number of bricks you will need to complete a wall.

Even so, the traditional way to calculate the amount of brick is more practical, if it is to design a more complex wall.

Bricks Calculator For A Wall

Have you ever wondered how many bricks you need to build a wall?

For a contractor, knowledge in calculating the bricks is very important to save time, energy and cost to build a wall.

For a homeowner, this knowledge is also important to avoid being cheated by a contractor or home builder.

How to calculate the bricks needed to build a wall?

Before you use a Bricks Calculator to count a bricks for a wall, it is better for me to share with you the manual way to count the needed bricks to complete your wall.

This will add to our collective knowledge and can be used wherever you are without the need for bricks calculator.

bricks calculator

  1. First of all, you have to know what is the area of ​​the wall that you want to set up. Formula, sl x sw x bd.

  2. Then, you need to know what length, width and the thickness of the brick. Formula, bl x bw x bt.

  3. Finally, you must know how thick mortar to be used for connecting all the bricks.


Example for bricks calculation for a wall

You want to build a wall 30 ‘x 40’ and 5 inches thick. Multiply all. Therefore, you would multiply 30 x 40 = 1200 square feet.

Then, get the brick volume. For example, the bricks  are measured as bt = 3 “, bl = 8” . (Additional info: the size of a brick is according to your area.) Convert inches to feet. 3/12 x 8/12 = 0.16666 square feet.

The calculation for the amount of bricks.

Divide the volume of the wall, with brick volume. 1200/0.1666 = 7202.881 + + +. Then, well-rounded to more realistic figures of 7203 bricks.

1/2 inch thick mortar mortar = 5%

1 inch thick mortar mortar = 10%

Just in case you want to use 1/2 inch mortar to connect and attach brick, you can remove 1% of the total brick to allow filling mortar.

So, 7203 x 10/100 = 720.3, this amount is unnecessary bricks. Round this value to a more realistic figure, which is, 720 bricks.

Then to get the final amount, you should subtract the original brick of 8230 with unnecessary amounts of brick, 823 bricks.
7203 – 720 = 6483.

So you need 6483 bricks to complete a wall-sized 30 ‘x 40’ and 5 inches thick.

This calculation is for single layer brick. If you need double layer, just double the value by multiplying 6483 x 2= 12,966 bricks.

To simplify this calculation, you can use Bricks Calculator.

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[FREE] Bricks Calculator For A Wall

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