Monday, 29 February 2016

04. Method 3: Participating in Forum

Participating in Forum also one of SEO Best Strategy.

Depending on the niche sites belonging to you, as a website owner, you need to join forums that have the same niche or closely related.

In addition to acquiring knowledge of the forum you want, it can be a big source of traffic.

This is because Participating in Forum is for people who have an interest or aggregate closely related.

Therefore, if the forum was something related to women’s boots, and in at the same time, you have a website that sells women’s shoes online, it can be an advantage because it is a niche related to your business.


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When you Participating in Forum, you must know how to spot trends and know what type of messages displayed in order to catch the attention of.

Developing a common topic is well researched and useful.

Your message must be good enough to be a part of several committees in the forum.

So, if you want to get more confidence and trusts from the members, you need to be a major contributor.

So after doing this several times, they will not see your site as a website owner, but as a major contributor to the forum.

But, I know, it’s all about time.

None of us can sit 24/7 participate in forum.

Participating in Forum, you need a tool that can automate everything.

Account creation, messaging, posting and creating forum backlinks.

That is why you need Forum Bot to increase your presence in the search engines, rank higher and make money from it.

Be social!

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04. Method 3: Participating in Forum

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