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Best Mobile Shopping Apps Yet Free (Top 10 Malaysia)

Today, I’ll share a post about how to do shopping online by using free mobile shopping apps.

Again, a week without post about our construction works. Nevermind.


The daily life of people today are more sophisticated and modern. The creation of various technologies make people’s lives easier and faster.

However, the rapid development of this technology in line with the higher demand levels.

I recalled the message by my father a long time ago. As usual, as a teenager, too many “problems” to be faced. But, the message I will remember to death is, “If we are late, we lose out.”.

Coming back to our original topic, namely on The BEST and FREE Mobile Shopping Apps, it’s probably going to give a good impact on smartphone users in Malaysia, specifically.

Why should I write about this topic?

For those who have advanced the world of gadgets and the use of the Internet, of course, this is not a big problem to them.

But, as a people who want to see a competitive society, I feel I need to share this experience together.

mobile shopping apps

BEST and FREE Mobile Shopping Apps in Malaysia


Why do I have to share the story about Mobile Shopping Apps?

I feel, every Malaysian has been able to have a smartphone. Not all but 90% already have it.

Have a smartphone nowadays is no longer fashionable or to show off, but it has become a necessity.

With smartphones, we can store a variety of data, gather information, share with friends, gain knowledge and more, if used with proper etiquette.

After all, there are many kinds of cheap smartphones on the market, such as Acer, Lenovo, Asus, which, targeting sales of smartphones at lower middle income groups.

As I wrote before, life nowadays is very demanding and you need to move faster to achieve high levels of demand.

In Malaysia, where a developing country to achieve the status of a developed country, is inseparable of this globally high demand.


If we are late, we lose out.


In line with the high demand, the insistence on work performance increases and decreases the time to rest.

Most worrisome to the high demand, it will cause a person to be burdened with family responsibilities.

There are people who have had to sacrifice time with their families to take care of job performance.

There are people who are forced to work overtime to cover cost of living increases every day.

As such, I feel I should share the advantages of using mobile shopping apps to help you shop online, and at the same time, be able to spend time with our beloved family.


Lists of BEST and FREE Mobile Shopping Apps in Malaysia

  1. Lazada Malaysia – As all are aware, Lazada is a popular shopping site in Malaysia. Here, you can buy a variety of products such as home appliances, and electronic gadgets, laptops and computers and more including car stuff! Click here to download Lazada Mobile Shopping App for free.

  2. Zalora Malaysia – you’re a fan of fashion? Want to buy clothing online with the right size? Zalora also a popular fashion sites in Malaysia. Click here to download Zalora Mobile Shopping App for free.

  3. Ensogo Malaysia – Alternative to Lazada Malaysia. Ensogo also is a shopping site that shoots up in Malaysia. Click here to download Ensogo Mobile Shopping App for free.

  4. Tudung2U – you’re a Muslim woman whom wearing a headscarf or Tudung? Want to buy Muslimah clothings online? Tudung2U provide various kinds of scarves scarves of various famous brands in Malaysia. Click here to download Tudung2U Mobile Shopping App for free.

  5. Qoo10 Malaysia – Qoo10 is an online shopping mall which is known in Singapore, Taiwan, China and Korea. You want to get cheap imports? Qoo10 is the answer. Click here to download Qoo10 Mobile Shopping App for free.

  6. Trivago Malaysia – Trivago is a center to find and book a hotel online in Malaysia and globally. Do not forget to install these apps on your smartphone. Click here to download Trivago Mobile Shopping App for free.

  7. Poplook Malaysia – Alternatif kepada Zalora. Poplook adalah sebuah pusat membeli belah fesyen secara online. Terdapat juga pakaian untuk Muslimah. Click here to download Poplook Mobile Shopping App for free.

  8. Glasses Online Malaysia – The first glasses online store in Malaysia. If you’re looking for quality eyewear and vision care at low prices, Glasses Online provides wide range of high quality prescription eyeglasses, frames, contact lenses and branded sunglasses for both men and women. Click here to download Poplook Mobile Shopping App for free.

  9. Amazon– An online shopping mall, the largest in the world, including Malaysia. Everything you want, is here. But, to Malaysian consumers, not all goods can be purchased and sent to Malaysia. Only the selected items, and most importantly, you have to pay taxes and shipping costs. Click here to download the Amazon Mobile Shopping App for free.

  10. AliExpress – Alternatives to Amazon. AliExpress is an online shopping mall, the largest in China and around the world, including Malaysia. A variety of goods you’ll find here. Unlike Amazon, most items are offered with free shipping. Click here to download AliExpress Mobile Shopping App for free.


Mobile Shopping Apps Alternatives


Wow … There are so many mobile shopping apps that I share with you this time. I hope you can take this opportunity and simplify your everyday affairs.

For your information, there are two types of mobile apps that are popular and widely used by smartphone users from around the world.

Among them are Android Apps by smartphones powered by Android and iOS Apps from the Apple smartphone.

Make sure you know how to choose a suitable mobile apps with smartphone if given a choice.

For other mobile shopping apps, you can visit:


Best Mobile Shopping Apps Yet Free (Top 10 Malaysia)

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