Sunday, 28 February 2016

Check Plagiarism Or Duplication For Free

Do you need to check plagiarism for any creative industries you involved?

The copying and misuse of resources or plagiarism, is an act of copy, print, or share without giving credit or reference to the original owner.

This is an act that is indecent and shameful.

The creative industry is one of the most affected by this cultural mimicry.

The act of impersonation will affect and hinder the development of creative industries such as writing, presentation, research and more.

Maybe for some users who use the internet to search for information is not too concerned over the volume of plagiarism and duplication.

But, there are those who are not quite happy with the high level of plagiarism in the search engines.

Among users who are not happy with the freedom of plagiarism is the Scholar, an author and the Google search engine.

Why we should be aware to check plagiarism?


I prefer to talk in the form of points and relevant examples.

  1. A scholar such as professor of medicine studying for years about a disease. This study will be followed by the searching for a cure. For your information, this is not an easy job.

  2. An engineer produce a new product. To produce a product is not an easy job. This is because it is covered areas such as the triggering of ideas, feedback, calculation and many other procedures. For one product, it will probably take until many years.

  3. A writer will produce an article. Everyone can write but not everyone can produce good writing. Good writing requires you to understand a situation and examine the elements of the condition of a situation.

  4. Google appreciates the contribution of scholars, engineers, doctors, writers and many other activities in the field of knowledge. Therefore, Google vigorously to ensure each piece of content in its search engine is written and edited without any element of plagiarism.

If you are an internet marketer who wants to make money through the internet, you need to have good content, your content must include evidence and support, and most importantly you do not do any plagiarism that will allow Google to not give your website a good ranking in its search engine.


How to check plagiarism online?

Correct all grammar errors with Grammarly

If you do not have any idea, plagiarism is not the main method. You can do a copy and paste but make sure you write articles that generate unique and are not 100% identical.

You can check your article either unique or not, that is by using an online plagiarism checker. However, for your information, some of these online plagiarism checker offers free services and some paid. Choose according to your financial capability.

Any alternatives to check plagiarism for free?

List of online plagiarism checking service:

  1. Grammarly’s Free Plagiarism Checker: Check Your Papers For Plagiarism And Correct Grammar Errors Now!

  2. The Plagiarism Checker

  3. Plagiarisma.Net

  4. Plagiarism Checker – Free Online Software For Plagiarism Detection

There are many more, you can search into Google or any search engine for the keyword “Free Plagiarism Checker”.


Check Plagiarism Or Duplication For Free

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