Sunday, 28 February 2016

01. Introduction: Paint and Coatings

Paint is a liquid material used in the industry, architectural, car, marine or any specialty services or products to provide a protective layer on the materials of metal, wood, plaster, concrete, bricks and others.


Paint and coatings function is:

  • Protecting industrial materials as mentioned above from damages caused by weather conditions, pest infestation, oxidation and so on.

  • Beautify the scenery.

  • Facilitate the process of cleaning the surface.

In essence, the paint and coatings is made of dyes and liquid type. Dye paint consists of iron oxide, amber, chromium, zinc oxide and others.

Liquid paint and coatings contains a binder materials (binder) and solvent (thinner). Binder serves to attach the dye to the surface to be painted and provides dirt-resistant properties and smoothness.

Solvent will work to reduce the viscosity of the paint and give pleasure during painting work. Solvents are frequently found was turpentine and white spirit.

High quality paint and coatings is always enhanced by the development of technology and increased consumer demand. Most paints are now manufactured to be used directly, no need to be mixed with other materials.

To provide a better and fine paint and coatings, here is some tool that we can use.


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01. Introduction: Paint and Coatings

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